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The Lovers Witches Mug 12oz Candle

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Introducing our handcrafted, Reiki Charged candle, infused with the essence of magical plants and featuring natural crystals and a Key Charm. Our unique candle is not only beautifully designed, but also contains our powerful The Lovers scent, imbued with the natural energy of organic soy and essential oils.

What sets our candle apart is the inclusion of natural crystals and the essence of plants, which lend their powerful properties to the candle's already potent blend of fragrances with no toxic chemicals. These crystals are carefully selected for their ability to promote love, harmony, and positive energy. The key is also a beautiful addition, symbolizing opening doors, good luck, healing and moving forward.

As a Reiki Charged candle, our product is infused with positive energy, promoting healing and balance while enhancing the benefits of the natural ingredients. We take pride in creating a product that is free of additives and crafted with care.

Whether you're looking to enhance the ambiance of your home, or seeking the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, our candle is the perfect addition to any space. Try it today and experience the magic for yourself.

Our key charm is not only a beautiful addition to our candle design, but also a versatile accessory that can be repurposed to suit your personal style. Simply remove the Charm from the candle, clean it by placing it in hot water, and add it to your favorite keychain or necklace. This way, you can continue to benefit from its protective and lucky properties even after the candle has burned down. We take pride in creating products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable and adaptable to your individual needs.