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Red Coral Gemstones Custom Bracelet

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Synthesis Red Coral Gemstone Custom Size, made to order. 

Synthesis Red Coral vs Natural Red Coral: Natural Coral gemstone: A real or natural red coral is supreme quality of coral gemstone. It attains the brilliant color, brightness and astrological properties which let it stand apart from the other grades of this gemstone. It is extremely hard to find a high quality coral gemstone

Rather than having less beneficial to a real coral gemstone still people love wearing heat or treated gemstone because they look immensely attractive and their price is also low as compare to real stone. Mostly people buy treated or heated coral gemstone stone for the purpose of wearing them with rings, necklace, and pendants.

There is Myth & Legend

It’s believed that children are protected by the power of the red coral. Coral appears in many legends and stories and the power of Red Coral was used as a talisman to protect children in ancient Rome. In the Hispanic culture is a tradition that babies wear a red piece of jewelry, as well.Today this is an item I always have in stock in my shop. I have the bracelets made in different sizes and options. 

Now a days, mothers trend to dress their girls with  jewelry match their outfits, just for special occasions, for photo shooting, for fun, I have more designs using red coral -genuine-