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I’m Connected to Myself 1111 Gift Set

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Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a wise old woman who had the gift of healing. She had spent her life studying the ancient arts of crystal healing and had become a master of her craft. Her home was filled with crystals of every color and size, and she used them to heal people who came to her seeking relief from their ailments.

One day, a young girl came to her seeking help. The girl was feeling lost and disconnected from the world around her. The wise old woman listened carefully to her story and knew just the thing to help her. She reached for a beautiful crystal bag and pulled out a stunning gift with a moon for her forehead and a cat with the same moon representing that they are both connected. She explained to the girl that this crystal was a symbol of the connection between all things in the universe. She also gave her a matching pocket mirror and a healing journal notebook, so that she could keep track of her progress and look at herself in the mirror when in doubt.

As the girl left, the wise old woman lit a beautiful soy wax candle made with The Lovers scent and some natural secret oil extract to enhance its energy cleansing effect. The aroma filled the room, and she felt the energy shift around her. The candle was a reminder that love and connection were always present in the world, even when we couldn't see them.

The old woman also gave her a blue tiger crystal bracelet and a blue natural crystal heart with druzy. These beautiful pieces were a symbol of the strength and resilience that lay within the girl. They reminded her that she was capable of overcoming any obstacle that came her way, for as long as she believed in the power of her heart.

The girl left the wise old woman's home feeling lighter and more connected to the world around her. She knew that she had found a powerful tool to help her on her journey, and she was grateful for the gift of healing that had been bestowed upon her.