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Black Lava Sea Salt Scrub 4oz

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Hawaiian Black Salt Scrub, also called Volcano Salt, Charcoal Scrub and/Witches Salt

The Benefits of Using Hawaiian Salts on Your Skin

Using salts as scrub will increase circulation and help reduce blemishes and fine lines. It will also slough off dead skin cells and bacteria clogged in the pores to let the skin's natural radiance shine through. Hawaiian salts are special though. 

Not only do they harness the power of sodium chloride, but they are also packed with natural goodies derived from the local landscape.

As we mentioned, Hawaiian black lava salt is packed with activated charcoal derived from local coconuts, which is what gives it its distinct black color. Activated charcoal has a range of benefits for the skin. The ‘activation’ process involves heating the charcoal in a certain way so that it develops tiny pocket that trap chemicals and other substances. This means it is extremely effective at sucking out oils and impurities from the skin, exfoliating, removing blackheads and clearing up acne. Basically it’s a supercharged skin detoxifier and your new best friend if you have oily, troublesome skin.

Magically speaking, the Witches Black Salt For those who want something for protection within their stash of magical tools, you should look into Witch’s Black Salt. Black Salt (not to be confused with Black Salt from Indian Cuisine) is used by Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Voodoo and Hoodoo practitioners for its extreme protective elements. It can be spread just about anywhere – your home, your workplace, your prayer circle, etc – and its purpose is to drive away those that would do you harm (whether physical or spiritual). Black Salt is also said to be an ingredient for creating a hex or curse, but this goes against my beliefs in practice, so I will only be focusing on its use for protection and cleansing in this blog post. Remember, whatever you cast out comes back to you.