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Brujis Anointing Oil Bundle of 4

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Brujis Anointing Oil Bundle Includes

  1. Limpieza Espiritual, Smudge Me Natural Herb Oil Tincture made of White Sage, Lavender and other spiritual ingredients used for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.
  2. Vencedor Oil:  Is a Natural Herb Tincture used as a Spiritual Product for Baths and Rituals. Vencedor is the Winning Plant used to overcome situations and obstacles, It can be used for financial problems and when dealing with difficult situations at work.
  3. Botón de Oro Oil: This is Oshun's plant, which is one of the most sacred and well respected saint in the Yoruba Religion. This herb is used for prosperity, good luck and love. Add it with some Honey and Cinnamon to your prepared bath, and enjoy.
  4. The Alacrancillo (Verbena) is another of the purifying herbs recommended by the great hunter Oshosi, this is ideal for the execution of lustral baths, for being able to attract prosperity and love with them. This herb is also used to remove blockages.

Some of the Oils included in this Oil bath for the benefit of the skin are: Rose Hip, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil. 

No artificial additives or chemicals used in this formula. Use it on a bath, or add a few drops on your hands to spread around. This is not for drinking or consumption. Allergic people should consult a physician. Our tinctures are 100% pure and very strong.

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