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Break Away from Psychic Attacks Ritual and clean your energy and your home energy Bundle

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What is a Psychic Attack and Attachment?

Psychic attack can strike in two forms: first, a purposeful mental assault by someone using occult power, or secondly, negative thoughts of others. Coworkers may not be purposely attacking, but their negative thoughts about you can generate anxiety, depression, or health problems. Often in a divorce, one party focuses so much mental negativity at their ex-mate so as to cause the same effects. Hateful neighbors or angry in-laws are often responsible for psychic attack.


What’s Included:

-Smudge Me Spray (Full Moon)

-Smudge Me Bath Tea herbal blend 8oz Glass Jar

-Smudge Me Candle

- 1oz Vencedor Herb Oil

- 1oz Limpieza Espiritual Oil

- 1 White Sage Stick to clear the energy in your home

- Ingredients to add to your water that you will use to clean your home, with instructions.

- one white candle and one black candle with Ritual Letter and Instructions. 

Instructions for Bath:

(Optional) Pre-bath Preparations: Light a candle, preferably a Smudge Me Candle, Use a Sage Spray if you have one, and spray it around you and add 1-2 sprays to the water. Breath in and Out, allow the energy to flow. (This is not necessary for the bath, but it will definitely be a plus)

Prepare your bath in a Bathtub: Fill your Bathtub with warm water, the warmer the better, but be careful not to burn yourself. Add the Tea Bath bag, and let it soak in the water. When you get in, squeeze it so the essence comes out. Rub the Tea Bath Bag around your whole body. Your intentions needs to be clear, focus in those energies throughout the bath. Enjoy your Spiritual Bath and then Shower as usual.
No Bathtub, only shower: Get a container, it doesn’t matter the size, add warm water and add your Tea Bath Bag. Leave it inside and squeeze it. Rub the bag soaked with water around your body, then pour the water essence over your body. Your intentions need to be clear, focus in those energies throughout the bath. Then enjoy your Spiritual Bath and Shower as usual.

MUSLIM BAG IS REUSABLE, wash it to use it with your other baths. Toss away after using it 4 times. 

Preparation Time: be aware that this will take 3 to 5 days to prepare before it is shipped out.

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