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Sorry I’m late, here is why! - REIKI LUNAS, CRAFTS & ARTISAN

Sorry I’m late, here is why!

At Reiki Lunas, we take pride in the fact that most of our products are handmade, and the ones that aren't, are still customized to our brand. We believe that this personal touch is what sets us apart from other brands and makes our products truly unique. As of now, everything is handled by one person - me! From creating the product to customizing it, taking pictures, managing the website, accounting, and inventory management, I do it all. While I may get some help from time to time for larger orders, I am the heart and soul of Reiki Lunas.

Now, let's talk about our candles. Our candles are a true labor of love, handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We only use the highest quality materials, including soy wax, crystals, and natural plants to ensure that our candles are not only beautiful but also good for your health. Each candle is infused with reiki energy to promote healing and balance, making them perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply for creating a calming atmosphere in your home.

One thing that sets our candles apart is their unique designs and the plant extracts used. This is something only Reiki Lunas does, and the formula it’s just a secret. We believe that candles should be more than just a source of light or fragrance; they should also be a work of art. That's why our candles are decorated intuitively, making each one a special and unique creation. We also offer a range of candles in mugs, which are perfect for coffee or tea after the candle has burned down.

At Reiki Lunas, we believe that our candles are more than just candles; they are a tool for healing, relaxation, and spiritual growth. We hope that you'll try one of our candles and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our website at to shop our selection of handmade, reiki-infused candles today! 

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