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How to make a Candle with Intention-Guide - REIKI LUNAS, CRAFTS & ARTISAN

How to make a Candle with Intention-Guide

When I started my shop, I started with only our Honeycomb Beeswax Wrapped Candles. I will go over how to make these in another blog. As I was going through the process of these candles, which were very difficult to make because they required a lot of attention to details. I was trying to investigate the different types of candles out there like Zen candles, candles with intentions, candles with crystals inside, witchcraft candles, candles romantic, candles vs wax melts, candles for wedding tables, candles safe for dogs, candles safe for cats, candles with flowers in them etc...As I went through this research I learned the difference between natural candles, and the candles you normally see in the store. The candles at the store contain other additives which make the scent stronger, but also toxic with makes this not a candle safe for dogs, nor a candle safe for cats. Notice when you turn off one of the store candles, how the smell is horrible, and it feels toxic. So, going back to the Intention Candles with Crystals and Flowers in them, these are made by smaller businesses for the most part, it is a Craft, therefore, they don't contain any additional additives.

So, how do we make a Candle with Intention?

  1. Design your candle in your mind and think of every detail. You can get all the materials you need in Amazon. I will drop a full list at the end of this article. But in summary, you will need a Container, Type of Wax, choose your Essential Oil, or create a mix of them, choose your Crystals and dried flowers.

  2. Things you should know if you have never done a candle before, the wick will vary depending on the container. So, make sure your wick specifies it will support a candle with the diameter you are using. My recommendation is to not exceed 3" of diameter.  

  3. Do not use colors if you are not familiar yet with the candle making process. start simple, some colors might make your candle toxic, and they can also affect your wick, making your candle a total failure. 

  4. How to add your oil? you must weight your melted wax, so let's say your wax weights 40oz, you will multiply that by the % amount of oil. I recommend you start with 5%, and then as you make more candles, you can decrease it or increase it to your taste. Keep in mind that this % is just an estimate, you will need do several tests to arrive to the correct % that it will work for you, since this will vary depending on the type of wax used and the oil. However, most Soy Waxes will tell you in their description they amount of oil that the wax can hold. So, the calculation goes as follow: (Wax oz x oil%= oil oz), for example, 40oz of Melted Wax x 0.05 = 2 oz, this will be the amount of oil you will use to start testing your candles scent. 

  5. When to add your oil? your wax melt should be at a 180 F Temperature, and no less than 170 F. Make sure you mix your oil well when you pour it in. 

  6. At this stage, your candle containers need to be ready, with its wick inside, and something to hold the wick in place. You could use a piece of wood, or any stick for this. 

  7. Pour your wax and let it cool. Once the candle is hard, but the top is still in the process of getting hard, you may start to add your crystals first, the wax needs to be hard enough so the crystal doesn't fall in, but that it can stick to the wax, then add your herbs. 

  8. Make sure you add simple crystals and herbs, and keep them away from the wick, or your candle will not be safe, and it could cause a fire. 

Once your Candle is ready, meditate and add your intentions to it and pour them all over your candle with all your strength. Your candle is now ready now.

If you followed our guide, we would be happy to hear from you and learn how it went. Tag us with your intention candle on Instagram @reikilunas, and we will add you to our story. 


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