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An Apothecary Metaphysical Gift Shop, also described as an Alternative Healing Shop - REIKI LUNAS, CRAFTS & ARTISAN

An Apothecary Metaphysical Gift Shop, also described as an Alternative Healing Shop

When I started up Reiki Lunas, my intention was to create a metaphysical shop where I could incorporate my Arts and Crafts skills with making natural Candles, everything art related like paintings, anointing oils with essential oils like lavender essential oil, rose hip essential oil, sage essential oil, rosemary essential oil. I also wanted to make these oils good for spiritual and religious work using the most used herbs in religion and also the best for your skin. My focus on my skin products was 100% Natural without any additives and also great for healing the skin. Like for example, I use Sage and Witch Hazel on scrubs, which is even great for vaginal baths, since it is also an antibacterial. When it comes to my Candles, I started making my candles at home, make amazing aromatic candles, some called them american home candles, and many have said they are very similar to the scent for the american home by yankee candle. However, my candles do not contains additives like the Yankee candles do, therefore, they are not toxic for the air in which you breath in at home. My candles are great bedroom candles, best quality candles you will find, and best smelling candles. When you buy scented candles you need to be aware of the products use, I only use Soy Wax. Do not go for cheap candles, these candles are cheap because the materials used to make them are cheap products that are not good for the air you and your family breath at home. Notice when you turn off a candle, how the burning smell is horrible. 

Our Candles also come decorated with the best crystals for those that like to buy real crystals. You can find calming crystals, the best healing crystals, crystals that focus on chakra, cleansing crystals, and many different crystals added to each candle with a set intention. We like to use Labradorite Crystals, Malachite Crystal, Amethyst Crystal, in general, good energy crystals, protection crystals, healing crystals, moon crystals, positive crystals, the most popular crystals. You can also order crystals from our shop, in the Healing Crystal section.

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