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Dream Amethyst with Clear Quartz Stainless Steel Pendant

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You will never guess the revelation I had!

I woke up remembering a dream I had once with a clear quartz that became an amethyst and I placed it on my chest. A few months ago I spent like 3 months loosing my voice every day, to the point I even went to the Dr, and they did bloodwork and thyroid ultrasound.
For the past few months, I have been wanting to do my Rape, but I would keep postponing it. Yesterday I finally did it and you won’t guess the revelation I got.
The reason why I was loosing my voice was because my throat Chakra was blocked.
Well, today I had another revelation, I kept having in my mind that dream with the Amethyst I had years ago.
So, I sat in my daughter’s room and saw an old book I had about crystals. I had never read the amethyst meaning from this old book, and while reading it, it turns out that one of the energy properties Amethyst has is to unblock the throat chakra.
My throat chakra is already unblocked but I felt the urge of creating a large pendant with an Dream Amethyst mixed with Clear Quartz I had collected early last year.
This new pendant doesn’t want to stay with me, it is meant for someone else.
If it calls you, let me know 🙏
Dream Amethyst mixed with clear quartz
Stainless Steel