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Does my home need Spiritual Cleansing? - REIKI LUNAS, CRAFTS & ARTISAN

Does my home need Spiritual Cleansing?

Learn to identify the signs your home gives you when it needs to be cleansed. These are some of the things that will tell you it is time to cleanse your home and possibly those in it as well.

- Lots of fighting and arguing

- Someone is sad or depressed

- Bad mood and little patience unjustified 

- Something falls or breaks

- Kids look stressed, anxious or feel strange.

If you notice this, these are some simple ways you can clean your home’s energy.

- Burn a Stick of White Sage all over your home, every corner, every room and state your intention. Then, the ritual goes by opening a door and allowing the smoked to come out with the bad energy.

- Add a glass of water inside your home by the front door. And after a prayer and blessing of the Father, you will set your intention. The water will absolve all the bad energy in the home. You will leave it overnight, and the next day you will thrown outside.

- Take a container that you will use to add water to clean your floors. Add Floridian Water, cascarilla, Holy Water Optional and Recommended (boiled water with herbs such as, abre camino, quita maldiciones y vencedor), you can also add Alumbre if you have, and say a prayer over the water and your intention and clean your home with this water.

As you do all of this, burn a Sage Candle. In addition, also use a Sage Spray to spray around your bed and room before going to sleep. This will help you sleep better if that is a problem.